Betty Evans, CMPE, CEO

Betty Evans began working in the health-care field as a nurse’s aide when she was in her mid-teens. Today, she is the CEO of Oak Street Medical P.C., where she is responsible for the viability of the practice and directs a team of health-care providers and staff members. Committed and progressive, she embraces the ever-evolving requirements and advances in health care with a can-do attitude.

Betty attended Lane Community College, where she completed the Advanced Business Management Program. She was Oak Street Medical’s office administrator for 11 years before becoming CEO in July 2008. Prior to Oak Street Medical, she worked as a medical office manager at a women’s health clinic. For 17 years, she served a long-term-care organization in several capacities, from nurse’s aide to financial consultant of 11 homes throughout Oregon. She continues to advance her knowledge base through ongoing courses and self-directed study programs. She is a Certified Medical Practice Administrator through Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

With the goal of helping others, her unique approach and perspective to planning, problem solving and decision making has kept the practice on the cutting edge of technology. Betty has a hands-on, insightful leadership style. This, combined with a strong team and her caring touch, has contributed to a successful organizational model. She is proud to lead the caring and supportive physicians and staff members at Oak Street Medical, where patients are the primary focus.

Born and raised in Eugene, Betty enjoys the best of both worlds. As a health-care professional, she works in the heart of downtown Eugene. When her workday ends, she retreats to her home in the country, where she enjoys spending time with her husband, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. For fun, she rides a scooter, sings in her church choir, gardens and enjoys trips to the coast.